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Corporate Gift Offers
Corporate Gift Offers

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Offer ArrowsAt Bizgift we pride ourselves on having the
expertise to cater for every conceivable kind of
company and organisation – including yours.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will happily offer suggestions based on your marketing and promotional plans and make everything come together in one cohesive package: from funky volume giveaways for open days, to bespoke brand reminders for event, corporate incentives and clothing – we have the gift!

Promotional products can be viewed online or you can browse our printed 160-page catalogue (available on request). But even if it's not in the catalogue, chances are we'll be able to find it on time and on budget. If you don't see what you want, or can't spare the time to search, we'll do the legwork for you – our buying team loves a challenge.

Bizgift's unparalleled range of corporate gifts and merchandise is matched by top-notch service: from branded pens to exotic marketing aids, we'll source your perfect promotion with minimum fuss – at the most competitive price.

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Corporate Gift Offers
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Corporate Gift Offers
Corporate Gift Offers

The widest range of promotional giftware and business incentives in the UK, including branded novelty items, pens, mugs, T-shirts,
coasters, business stationery, food promotions,Post-It notes printed with your business logo, mousemats, volume promoters and more.
PLUS specialised golf medical, and stationery merchandise . . . Bizgift Direct Ltd, 67 Bridge Street Row, Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 1NW
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promotional gifts


Promotional gifts are a great way to make your clients feel special. Promotional gifts can also be handed to your employees, friends and even passers-by. The idea is to distribute these items in order to get your name known in different places. You may have promotional gifts like pens or hats, with your name, logo and company colors on them. They are a complete advertisement for your company and your customers, friends, employees, etc. can use these items frequently. People will notice them wherever they go with these promotional gifts. Each type of promotional gift that you give out should be carefully considered because you need to make sure you give your contacts something that has value. This refers to the use of the item, its durability as well as its outlook. You should consider these points so that your promotional gifts have the intended impact. Ideal promotional gifts include ashtrays, T-shirts, pens, cell phone cases and umbrellas. Promotional gifts that can be exposed outdoors are sometimes preferred. Umbrellas and hats are examples. You are likely to expose your company name more in public this way. Some businesses prefer promotional gifts like pens and ashtrays. These are used indoors mostly but do catch people`s attention. Some people do not like to wear promotional gifts. This is why promotional gifts like pens and key chains are preferred. You can design your own promotional gifts. This is a good idea because you can include as many company features as you need to. Readymade ones are not that accommodating. However, you only need to have your company name or logo placed on readymade ones.


business gifts


There are different ways to show your appreciation as a businessman and giving out business gifts is one way to show that you care for your clients. You can give business gifts to market your products or services in a subtle manner as a gift is considered a token of appreciation and the recipient is pleased to use the business gifts. You can also give business gifts to your employees to motivate them and also to show to them that you greatly value their contribution. Business gifts include items like key chains, business card holders and cases, photo frames, calculators, cufflinks, etc. These items are ones that are used frequently and would catch a person`s eye almost everyday. Business gifts are purposefully selected in order to market your name as much as possible. Usually, business gifts are small and convenient to carry. You can take them wherever you need to. People in different places will get to see your company name and logo in this way. This kind of marketing costs little and is also effective for a considerable length of time. Look around you to get an idea of business gift ideas. You will notice that they are everywhere and in numerous forms. It is advised to use the best services for designing business gifts with your company`s name because this will let your customers know that you believe in quality. You can go to business gift manufacturers in person or even search for them online. You will get some good ideas and offers online too. Some of these offers are pretty good because business gift producers try to promote these items online more effectively. Make sure you settle for good quality business gifts for an affordable price.


promotional merchandise


Promotional merchandise can be in the form of T-shirts, pens, USB flash drives, key chains, mugs, mouse mats, badges, hats, etc. The list goes on and on. You can go to a company and have your promotional merchandise manufactured for you. They have a wide variety of promotional merchandise on display. You can choose what you like from their displays or their catalogues. Sometimes, you might come across items that you could use as they are. You might find others that need only your company name added on. You can also have custom made promotional merchandise. Most businesses prefer these because you can prepare the concept and then design and print these according to your liking. You need to carefully decide which company is capable of catering to your need. You can search in your local market as well as online because you will find a wide variety of promotional merchandise online. You need to look at the quality of artwork they produce because this will give you a good idea of the company`s standing. Many businesses opt for the most affordable rates in the market but, in the process, they sometimes end up sacrificing the quality they need. You should not let this happen because the quality of your promotional merchandise impacts your market reputation. All your contacts appreciate it when you give them promotional items and if your promotional merchandise has good quality, people will feel valued.